Macrocarpa Fence

This style macrocarpa fence is a real beauty, this fence will silver off over time but if desired you can stain it to keep the natural colour.

Macrocarpa Fence with Exposed Post

Macrocarpa fence with exposed posts and gaps between the palings, This is a top of the line wooden fence, the capping and exposed post makes it stand out from any other paling fence.      

On Trend Fence

The great thing about this fence is that it looks great from both sides. We sloped the driveway and stepped the main road.  

Replacement Fence in Wanaka

Originally there was a very lopped sided old wooden fence with a healthy gate attached to it. With this job we removed the old Wanaka fence carefully took down the gate, keeping in mind we wanted [...]

Macrocarpa Fence

What the client wants the client gets, Originally there was a massive hedge where the new macrocarpa fence now is. The two neighbours agreed since the hedge meant there was full privacy that they [...]

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